About us

Who are we?

Obvious Tea is a family business whose ambition is to offer individuals and professionals premium quality organic teas and infusions.


How did we come up with the idea?

It all started with the strong desire to embark as a family on an entrepreneurial adventure that would bring together and combine our complementary skills, and to forge direct links with consumers by offering fine, healthy, high-quality products.

Teas and herbal teas became obvious to us very quickly.

We all drink them throughout the day: a cup of strong tea in the morning, a Darjeeling or Lapsang Souchong in the afternoon, a verbena-mint or licorice-mint infusion in the evening and then, as the mood takes us, a rose or cinnamon-orange blend.... without mentioning iced teas. In short, this is the product that brings our different generations together.

We consumed tea and infusions in all its forms, in bulk or in bags. We bought them in supermarkets for everyday use or in prestigious houses, which are well known, for the premium. It must be said that we found a fairly large offer but of uneven quality overall.

We were also interested in this very special product, its production, its origins, its geography: plants and flowers, the mixtures that can be made and that give such varied colors and tastes. It is true that it is a small effort to make but it is always better to know and understand what we eat and drink. And then it transports us to different countries at a lower cost.

But, the more we were interested in the subject, the more we discovered the darker sides of what ended up becoming an industry: pesticides in the plantations, deplorable working conditions in some countries, teas of dubious quality that are borderline for public health.

It was at this point that offering premium 100% organic products became obvious to us in order to rediscover the very essence of this beverage.


Where does our name come from?

After having matured and shared the concept, we had to find a name to better embody the idea: Obvious...because it was obvious.


Why do you only sell online?

We only select approved suppliers, premium products and offer the most suitable quantities to consumers;

All this represents a cost and selling on the internet seemed to us the most efficient way to offer the best products at the best price.

But in a few months we will open tea rooms that are in line with this spirit.