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Mélange thé vert thé blanc arômes fleuris

Organic Morning Melody 1kg

€36.90 - €36.90

Organic Morning Melody Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier Our Morning Melody contains a blend of Sencha Green Tea and Pai Mu Tan. Sencha green tea is the most common tea in Japan. In order to stop the oxidation of the tea leaves, they are subjected to a rapid steam bath, then they are rolled and dried. When produced from Japanese tea trees, its infusion...

Temple night bio - mélange thé vert thé blanc

Organic Temple Night 1kg

€39.90 - €39.90

Organic Temple Night Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier The Night Temple is an interesting and very complementary blend of Chinese green and white teas. Sencha and Chun Mee go perfectly with Pai Mu Tan. Dragon pearls (jasmine tea) complete this blend. Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea*, Chun Mee Green Tea*, Pai Mu Tan White Tea*, Chinese Dragon Beads*, Mao...

Organic Lemon Detox 1kg

€39.90 - €39.90

Organic Lemon Detox Green Tea Wholesale - Organic Lemon Detox Green Tea Supplier Well known for its detoxifying virtues, lemon is found here accompanied by Sencha tea, maté, Pai Mu Tan white tea, lemongrass, lemon peel, nettle, moringa leaves, coconut and mallow . Ingredients: Sencha green tea*, mate*, lemongrass*, Pai Mu Tan white tea*, nettle*, lemon...

Organic Detox Dragon Fire 1kg

€34.90 - €34.90

Organic Green Tea at Kilo - Detox Dragon Fire - Organic Tea Wholesale This Dragon Fire has apple-currant flavor. It's a mix that's as good as it gets. Ingredients: Sencha green tea*, hibiscus*, natural aroma, China White Monkey*, apple*, lemon peel*, pink pepper*, currant*. *From organic cultivation

Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea 1kg

€59.90 - €59.90

Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea Wholesale - Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea Supplier The leaves are picked by hand and picked on large trees between March 15 and April 10, if it has not rained and the leaves are dry. The terminal, fluffy bud is generally harvested with the first two young shoots, with large leaves. No pink bud is allowed in the crop and the...

Organic Passion Provence White Tea 1kg

€34.90 - €34.90

Organic Passion Provence White Tea 1kg - Organic Tea Wholesale Supplier Our Passion Provence tea is a blend of white and green tea. The high-quality white tea combines perfectly with green tea, lemongrass, rosemary leaves, and lemon peels which will give it a fresh taste. Ingredients: White tea *, green tea *, lemongrass *, rosemary leaves * (5%), natural...