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Thé bio épicé

Organic Winter Homemade Cocktail 1kg

€33.90 - €33.90

Organic Winter Homemade Cocktail Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier This Cocktail is a black tea from the Assam region of South India with cinnamon sticks, lemongrass, orange peel, cloves, rose petals and cardamom. It is a particularly suitable tea in winter. Ingredients: Assam black tea*, cinnamon sticks*, lemongrass*, orange peels*, cloves*, rose petals*,...

Organic Winter Fantasy 1kg

€29.90 - €29.90

Organic Winter Fantasy Infusion Wholesale - Organic Infusion Supplier The winter fantasy bio is based on a classic acidulated blend of apple / hibiscus / rose hip. Fantasy is brought by ginger and popcorn. Yes! You read correctly, powdered popcorn. The cinnamon sticks are there for the winter touch. Ingredients: Apple*, hibiscus*, rose hips*, orange...

Thé de Noël bio

Organic Christmas Tea 1kg

€33.90 - €33.90

Organic Christmas Tea Wholesale  - Organic Christmas Tea Supplier This organic Christmas tea is a black tea from the Assam region in southern India with orange cinnamon flavor. It includes orange peels, cinnamon sticks, with natural aromas, rose petals and cardamom. Ingredients: Assam black tea*, orange peel*, apple*, cinnamon sticks*, natural aroma, rose...

Organic Christmas Infusion 1kg

€29.90 - €29.90

Organic Christmas Infusion Wholesale - Organic Christmas Infusion Supplier The flavor of this mixture will remind you of the time of Christmas. Ingredients: Apple*, hibiscus*, grape*, orange peel*, rose hip*, cinnamon sticks*, natural flavor, cloves*, black pepper*. *From organic cultivation

Thé bio de noël

Organic Premium Christmas Tea 1kg

€37.90 - €37.90

Organic Premium Christmas Tea Wholesale - Organic Tea Supplier This tea is a blend of black tea from Assam region in southern India with a pronounced apple cinnamon flavor. It is complemented with natural aroma, orange peel, coriander seed, cloves, cardamom, pink pepper and goji berries. Ingredients: Assam Black Tea*, Cinnamon Sticks*, Apple*, Natural...

Organic Cinnamon Black Tea 1kg

€30.90 - €30.90

Wholesaler Organic Tea - Organic Cinnamon Tea 1kg Cinnamon tea is an inseparable Christmas classic, particularly appreciated by amateurs. Our Ceylon mixture, enriched with crushed cinnamon, reveals its perfectly balanced taste thanks to the expressive flavor of cinnamon. A simple mixture but still just as perfect. Ingredients: black tea* (90%), pieces of...